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The first phase of my work with clients is to come back to calm. This includes developing a daily practice focused on nervous system regulation so you can find and source safety within your body. This sets the foundation for the deeper work of processing and releasing past traumas so you can reclaim your most authentic, free self and live your best life.

Below you will learn about the services that will support you on your journey to reconnect and reclaim your sense of calm and well-being.

  • Holistic Counseling (60 min; $125)

    • In this session, you will be guided and supported in a compassionate space to navigate all that you need to explore. You will be supported to reconnect with yourself, while establishing a new way of being. You will be empowered to calm your system and connect to peace through evidence-based skills coaching.

    • *Note: Holistic Counseling services are reserved for residents of Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

  • Release the Charge -Mind/Body/Energy Therapy (60/90min; $125/$185)

    • In this session we will identify an issue/event (past or present) currently causing you stress. Through a guided process, we will work to reduce/release the emotional charge related to the issue identified. You will leave the session feeling a sense of calm and more at peace with the original stressor.

    • Release techniques/processes include Energy Psychology techniques such as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Brainspotting, guided imagery, and/or breathwork.

      • EFT—The most well-known form of energy psychology combining cognitive and exposure techniques with the stimulation of selected acupressure points on the face and body.

      • Brainspotting—In this powerful, body-brain based treatment session we will identify, process, and release core neuro-physiological sources of emotional and physical pain and harness your brain’s ability for healing and expansion. This technique helps the brain regulate and achieve equilibrium through the reprocessing of negative experiences resulting in an improved quality of life.


All sessions are offered online through a secure Telehealth platform. You will receive a link via email to connect to your session. I recommend that you use a computer or laptop for your session, although a phone can be used if it is the only option.

Brainspotting sessions MUST be done on a computer or laptop, and ideally have a secondary device (phone or mp3 player) with non-noise cancelling ear buds or headphones to play relaxing music during the treatment session.

For all sessions it is important that you are in a private setting free from distractions.


I do not accept insurance. However, some individuals have Out Of Network benefits through your health insurance plan. If you are covered to see out of network providers, I can provide a receipt for your sessions. There is a form to fill out (usually an online version on your insurance company’s website). Once you have confirmed this benefit just let me know and I can provide you with any information you may need to submit for reimbursement. Not all plans reimburse 100%. Don’t forget to find out your reimbursement rates!

"Tarah has a empathic intuitive energy. She held space for me beautifully as I processed the emotions I was working through. By asking powerful questions and offering support, I was able to release part of the long held belief around scarcity. I would recommend the practice of Brainspotting to anyone struggling with releasing long held limiting beliefs. Thank you, Tarah " 

~Stephanie K., Intuitive Energy Coach

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